I like the fall


SONY DSCIt’s November and that means I read my favorite poem “The Mist and All.” I discovered it as a teen in my favorite book of my father’s called “One Thousand Beautiful Things” that my favorite youngest son had rebound for me a couple of Christmases ago.

In case you don’t have access, here it is. You’ll forgive me if this is about the fourth time I’ve shared this. Right?


The Mist and All
by Dixie Willson

I like the fall

The mist and all








I like the night owl’s lonely call






And wailing sound

Of wind around


I like the gray

November day,


And dead, bare boughs

that coldly sway

Against my pane








I like the rain.


I like to sit

And laugh at it—

And tend

my cozy fire a bit

I like the fall—

The mist and all—SONY DSC


(Owl photo credit to Pixabay contributor Skeeze)

2 thoughts on “I like the fall

  1. I like the fall. I like it for its cool nights and bright autumn colors. This poem is sweet and touching, and changes my perspective on points of fall–the mist, the gray, the rain, the dead boughs–that I may not have previously appreciated. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I read this as I sit here next to my cozy fire, sipping hot coffee and gazing out at the mist settled in the low places of the hills across the bay. What a lovely poem, encompassing much of the beauty of fall! Love this! 😊

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