Man’s Work

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Daddy (who would have been 100 this Friday) had a wealth of old sayings, aphorisms and proverbs.

One he quoted often while looking fondly at Mom:

“Man’s work goes from sun to sun, woman’s work is never done.”

We never quite made sense of that, since Mom, for most of her adult life, worked outside the home, while Dad made dinner, did dishes and laundry, yard work and handyman stuff.

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But despite all evidence to the contrary, old sayings are old sayings. And Dad believed every pithy word.Scan 150770001

9 thoughts on “Man’s Work

  1. Your dad sounds funny. The saying reminds me, I had an uncle who called every stereotypically female job (and any job he didn’t want to do) “squaw work.” He could offend multiple groups at once!

  2. I love seeing the photos of your dad. My mom used a wringer washer like that until I was about five years old. The neighbor boy tried wringing his arm once and broke it (the arm, not the washer).

  3. I remember the wringer washer diapers wrapped around the wringer,If it does, an article of the wash may
    wrap several times around a roller before it is noticed; unwinding such a
    piece is often difficult, sometimes impossible without removing a roller .
    Its you’re already happened

  4. I did roll my fingers a couple of times…ouch. And the buttons popping off…arg. Old guy had one in the basement of the rooming house I stayed in my last semester of college. Only one other girl and I used it.

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