Dirty jokes with the Prude

images-2Narrative clarification for everyone under 45:
‘Gomer Pyle, USMC’ was a spin-off of the Andy Griffith Show about the misadventures of a bumbling Marine private named Gomer. Gomer Pyle.

If you ever want to make sure I keep a secret, tell it to me in the form of a joke.
I guarantee I’ll forget it.
3 jokes. All I can remember. (Since they are kind of a triad, technically they could be considered a single unit.)
For some reason this little trio has stuck with me for decades. And I still laugh uproariously every time I tell them.
I can’t help it. They are so STINKING funny (You’ll see the humor of that line in just a minute)

Me. The Prude. Laughing till my sides hurt at toilet humor and keeping it as the shining and solitary jewel in my joke repertoire.

Please enjoy. I think these are a gas.

Q: What’s brown and sits in the woods?
A: Winnie’s pooh

Q: What’s brown and sits in the army barracks”
A: Gomer’s Pyle
(Aren’t you young’uns happy I identified that obsolete and obscure reference?)

Q: What’s brown and sits on a piano bench?
A: Beethoven’s Last Movement


Oh wait. You didn’t think they were THAT kind of dirty jokes. Did you?

13 thoughts on “Dirty jokes with the Prude

      • Thanks to DVD sets, my children will understand the importance of cultural icons like Gomer Pyle, Barney Fife, Hoss Cartwright, Colonel Klink, and the Barclay Brothers. (Can you place all of the references?)

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