Fishing for Compliments


I’m guilty, I admit it. When I was the epitome of awkward, shy teen, I would have given almost anything for affirmation from my peers. (Compliments from Mom and aunts, although appreciated, didn’t really count. After all, they loved me. They had to say nice things.)

Sometimes the compliments from friends would be so scarce that I would resort to fishing for a compliment. Ever done that? I’d dangle the bait—“I look so gross today” or “I made these cookies but they aren’t very good”—and then hope someone would contradict me with a nice juicy compliment.

It rarely worked. Peer groups, especially in junior high, are notoriously good at sniffing out neediness and rejecting it.

Somehow I survived but recently I’ve been thinking about the importance of genuine words of affirmation. If you have a minute, follow the link to my post at Heart”wings” today. I always love company!

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