Well. Shoot.



Well shoot. Shoot, shoot shoot. I wasn’t going to be here today. I was going to have cancelled my WordPress subscription before it automatically renewed. I was going to pen a gracious farewell letter, telling you that with the million (to the nth power) blogs out there, don’t for goodness sake waste time on this one.

Because honestly, some/most people who stop in here do it out of duty. No. Really. They love me and want to support me. So when my sisters/sisters-in-Christ/cousins/really nice people see I have a new post up, they stop in.

Hopefully they like what they read. But The Tuesday Prude won’t change the world. Believe me. I tried. Yet the world is still full of saggy pants and rude words and  apostrophes scattered hither and thither in singular plurals, isn’t it?

I was going to end my letter with a smiling and still gracious suggestion that the time you would have taken reading The Prude could be better spent picking daisies, watching little children laugh, practicing bird calls and taking selfies.

But here I am.
And you know why?
Because I forgot to cancel WordPress.

And now I’m feeling guilty. I post once or twice in almost never, but I’m paying for each word I don’t press here at The Tuesday Prude.

The journey of a 52-weeks automatically-renewed subscription begins with a single post.
My plan is to write something every week. Just to justify the money that was automatically deducted from my checking account by WordPress.

There will be fluff. There will be criticisms against sloppy dress, an excess of publicly-displayed skin, egregious grammar errors and unpleasant behavior.

There will be conscience appeasement too. I’m a Christian. One of those people who is supposed to bubble over with love for Christ and fellow humankind. I should want to share the Good News with everyone I meet.
Instead my tongue twists into a knot a sailor would envy and I can’t think of a word of witness.

So maybe that journey will start here too. Maybe if I get my love for my Savior and my awe at grace and my gratitude for mercy on cyber paper, my tongue will eventually follow.

We’ll see. I’ve stalled out on plenty of journeys, be they weight loss or exercise programs or cleaning schedules or devotion time.
In other words, this might be the start of a string of posts.
Or next Tuesday might pop out of nowhere and I’ll tell myself “There’s always next week.”

Either way, don’t take time from a beautiful life to read my blog just from a sense of duty. But if you can wait on that selfie, stop by. Might as well. The post is already paid for.

14 thoughts on “Well. Shoot.

  1. Well, shoot, I’m glad you forgot to cancel your subscription. I’ve often thought of throwing in the towel on my own WordPress blog. I sometimes imagine each word an insignificant drop in the veritable ocean of a tumultuos blogosphere – words put together with hard work, written with heart-ink, but read by precious few. Invariably, each time I intend to give up, someone makes a comment. A connection. They reach out and say, “I hear you.” And suddenly, it’s all worth it.

  2. You don’t have to change the world, just help change two or three people in it. Good post!!! (And I didn’t read or comment out of obligation.) 😉

  3. Anita! Dare I say I’m glad your subscription renewed unawares!! I love and look forward to your posts! Please or please keep them coming whenever you’re so inspired!! ❤

  4. Wow. I’ve been struggling with the same thoughts! However, since I’m no longer doing the paid WP, I feel no guilt for dropping off the face of the earth! Haha! 😄. This blogosphere is a funny place, bloated and noisy, with most people stopping by simply to get more traffic for themselves, or like you say, out of obligation.

    Is it worth the effort? I meet folks like you, dear friend, and the answer is a resounding YES! Yet….writing with regularity is hard! There’s little payoff for most of us here in cyberspace and there’s always so much to do in the ‘real’ world.

    I join the voices here in saying I’m glad you forgot to cancel. I love reading your posts, though it sometimes takes me awhile to get to them. I see your name in my inbox and smile, knowing I will savor each word and that I will get a good giggle or two from your words when I do get to it. Grace and peace to you, dear Anita! I look forward to continuing with you on your blogging journey! ❤️

  5. A “bloated and noisy” place. Perfect description! And amen to what you said. The more friends I meet here, the more places my heart travels to be with them. I know mine was aching with you about—what—a year and a half ago? Yes, I get sappy when I talk about relationships but ya know, I am who I am. A marshmallow wrapped in a sponge. But such a blessed soggy marshmallow! Thanks for stopping by and for your friendship. See you next week, dear Groovy Mama!

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