You’re not doing it right


Ever hear of Bulletproof coffee? My boys introduced me. Start with rich, dark coffee, add approximately equal parts of coconut oil and butter, blend really REALLY well (trust me on this) and enjoy. Sound simple?
Forget it.
If you follow my directions, you’re not doing it right.

Notice my instructions were vague? Dark, rich coffee. Forget about it. To do it right, according various online sites, you can’t just use the brand you bought on sale at the supermarket. Nope. Fairtrade, organic, low-toxin beans are the way to go.
Use $1.99/pound butter? Are you KIDDING ME? Grass fed all the way, baby. Unsalted.
Make sure to buy the coconut oil that boosts your brain power. I forget what it’s called.


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2 thoughts on “You’re not doing it right

  1. Anita, I love this share back to your great message on our for today! Thank you!

    I love your testimony: “Praise God—He has promised me a salvation that doesn’t depend on my rightness!” Well said and to the point. That is, after all, the main thing we must get absolutely right: total acceptance of His gift of salvation!

    We are blessed to have you serving as a part of our special blog team ministry as we send our testimonies and messages of faith, hope, and love into a complex and troubled world. As we shine His light into the vast darkness, we pray that our readers will be drawn closer to God through our blog messages so that they will be used to reach many hearts around the world to further His kingdom. j

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