Thankful for the fall (after the pride)



The ultimate sin that sent Lucifer toppling from heaven crouches behind us, ready to turn accomplishments into stumbling blocks. Pride waits. It sees us take simple pleasure in our skills and achievements and performances. Then pride pounces. Too often, we don’t even see it coming.

One minute we are praising God for His good gifts to us. Then, in squirms the almost-imperceptible thought that we are pretty good. We worked hard and deserve these accolades. Part of our hearts are gripped by superiority. Part of our brain looks at others not so accomplished or gifted or really really good and whispers, “Thank you God, that I’m not like that one.”

It happens, even to mature Christians.

here is where God’s amazing love and grace manifest themselves.
He loves us too much to let that pride take root.


I’m over at HeartWings today with the full post if you’d like to finish it. (Does this seem like a bait-and-hook? I hope not. I hope I did make it easy for you to switch over and read the rest of the article. If you want. Because Prudes may strongly suggest things, but they are NEVER bossy.)

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