Welcome to the Seesaw



teeter-totter-148268_1280We know how a see-saw (aka teeter-totter) works. Let one side be heavier and it will crash to the ground. The rider lands with a teeth-jarring thump. The unfortunate passenger on the opposite side might end up bouncing off into the troposphere. Only with perfectly distributed weight is the see-saw perfectly balanced.

Christians, no matter how learned or discerning or pious, still can get out of balance. But God in His infinite loving wisdom has provided everything we need to keep from either slamming painfully to earth or losing our grip and flying out-of-control off the apparatus.

For Example:

Without faith it’s impossible to please God, (Hebrews 11:6). Right? But start neglecting the good fruits God wants us to display and we’ll slide not only downward into selfishness, but into doubting the truth of our faith and the Father who provides it.

Pray without ceasing, we read in I Thessalonians 5:7. Our entire lives should be constant communication with God. But when those prayers turn into vain repetitions and meaningless babble warned against in Matthew 6, we aren’t communicating any more. We’re just throwing words at God. He reminds us that prayer involves the heart, mind and will. We’re speaking to a real Person!

Examples of Contradictions?

Sometimes Scripture seems to contradict itself.  But could some of these “inconsistencies”  be God’s way of keeping our lives in balance? (I was going to write “keeping our Christian walk in balance” but walking doesn’t work well with the seesaw metaphor.)

Please pop over to Heartwings for the rest of the story!


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