The Dad in the Diary

(The rest of the story continues at Heartwings—link below—if you are interested)



Last Sunday I went through one of Dad’s diaries. He’s been gone since 1999 and it’s taken me twenty years to be able to read things he wrote without getting teary-eyed. (much)

The one I chose to read covered1946-50, while he still lived on the family farm. He wrote a lot about the weather, (hot, cool, swell) how much onions went for at market, (never enough), how he hoped the US wasn’t getting into another war so soon after WWII. (but the US was)

I skipped to his entries from 1950. He’d decided to go back to college and was nervous and excited and wondering if he was crazy.
He moved from his little farming community on the east side of his state to a fair-sized city on the west side of his state. To be a college freshman. At almost 35 years old.

Follow the link to the rest of the story.

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