A Wednesday Recipe from the Tuesday Prude

Here they are. One of my top ten favorite cookies. Maybe top twenty. I do love cookies.


And here, almost right away, before I tell you how much I love these cookies and the history behind them and why molasses is so good for you it may offset some of the superabundance of sugar—here is the recipe:


They really are different than a regular ginger snap. No snap, lots of chew. When it says don’t over bake, it kids you not.

I would tell you about the history, and how I ran across this recipe, but that memory is lost in the mists of time. It was some time during my college years. Before the days when I subscribed to every Country Woman, Taste of Home and Quick Cooking magazine. All of those were just a twinkle in their creator’s eye when I ran across this recipe for Molasses Sugar Cookies.

The last line is part of the original recipe and I always include it because it’s a winsome little line. Since I have 50% sloth blood in me, I didn’t feel like typing out the recipe. So I took a photo from the Mulder Family Cookbook. Now you know why I don’t hyphenate my name.

If you ever make these, let me know what you think. And Happy Wednesday from the Tuesday Prude!


(I just noticed the 3 little holes in the cookie on the right. It mystifies me. Too late for another photo. The cookies are long-digested.)

9 thoughts on “A Wednesday Recipe from the Tuesday Prude

  1. I got this same recipe at a women’s retreat I went to – they are indeed “delicious and flavorful”. I think Anita Mulder-Klumpers has a certain lyrical cadence!

    • How neat! I have looked at other recipes online for these but they never have the melted butter. Nice to know the recipe is out there being enjoyed. And bless you. My name definitely has a Dutch cadence!

  2. Prude, I’m okay with the holes in the cookie. But I wonder why in the world one needs a 3 or 4 GALLON saucepan???? Are such things even made? I think I might have a 3-4 quart saucepan, but not sure. Wow. Does it poof and pop and explode? Does it erupt like Mt. Vesuvius? The cookies sound delicious, by the way. 🙂

      • This is so hilarious! I’ve made these cookies for decades and NEVER noticed the size of the saucepan! And have no idea if I messed it up in transcribing it, or someone else did. I’m picturing mixing these up in a 5 gallon pail and putting it in the fridge :0

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