Ditching 2020


Take a peek at that top shelf, if you don’t mind. Everything on it was given to me in the 1980’s. (Well, to my husband too, but he doesn’t remember who gave them. I DO.)


That title? It’s another of my attempts to click-bait you, and if you just read this sentence, it worked.
No, I’m not ditching 2020 because of  impeachment hearings and weird weather and a contentious political race and quarantines and tanking economy and 24 hour news forecasting millions of deaths.

Although now that I list them out, I see those are all excellent reasons to MoveOnfrom2020.org (wouldn’t that be a great site?)

I myself was a clickbait victim when I spent way too much of my precious time—that could have been dedicated to staring into my refrigerator—and hit “next” after “next” on a link called “Don’t make these decorating mistakes or you will be the laughing stock of the universe.” Or something like that.

I don’t remember all the mistakes it said I shouldn’t make, but one slide demanded I get rid of anything that even whispered of the 80’s. Teal green and country blue and stenciled hearts and beribboned geese? Dump ‘em all or become the human version of the crappy virus we all want to avoid.

So what did I do?
Went downstairs and gathered up all my wedding and shower gifts from the 80’s.
And proudly displayed them in my kitchen.

Feel free to put a mask on and spray me with disinfectant next time you see me. I’ll understand, but my outdated 1980’s decorations will stay.

Because I am tired of 2020 bossing me around.




10 thoughts on “Ditching 2020

  1. I can completely relate. I got married in 1982 so that’s when I first set up house and I still remember where many of our wedding gifts came from! Except for the 4 crockpots, three of which we re-gifted. We only had one on our registry, so I don’t know what happened.

    My kitchen was country style, all the way. Pigs on a stick, chickens on a stick. Wood knickknacks galore. Pfaltzgraff dinnerware, anything quilted–including placemats–and stuff setting on the counter whether we needed it or not. The cluttered look. Baskets, geese on mugs, geese on pitchers, geese applique. Anything that collects dust. You name it. Plus the sweet strawberry-print apron that my mother sewed to match my cute red and white kitchen.

    I suppose I’ve moved on beyond this particular style, but I do have a place in my heart for all my 1980s stuff. And a place in my closet for some of it.

  2. Who cares what the designers think. Fads and fashions only exist to make you think you need to get rid of the old and buy new. How else would capitalism work? Display what you love and give pleasure to yourself as you are the person living there

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