On Beyond Avocado Toast

This makes year umpteen I forgot to cancel my WordPress site.
It links up (again) to the umpteenth year I’ve promised to be a better steward of money.

Some perfect year we’ll eat avocados before they rot in the windowsill.
I won’t buy items from Amazon and forget to return them until it’s too late.
Or buy too many flowers from the greenhouse when I have no room and try to cram 24 zinnias in space recommended for 16 and spend the summer watching them fight over soil nutrients and sunlight.

But this is not that year, my friends.

I have WordPress for another year and I’ll try to post more than once in the next 12 months.
Of course I would love to have you stop by.
I’ll be prudish and nice and hopefully practice brevity and you can decide if what is here is worth reading.
Let’s do our bit to keep the blog corner of the world alive and kicking. And keep my resolve to be a better steward of my resources.

Anyone got a good recipe for avocado mush?

6 thoughts on “On Beyond Avocado Toast

  1. So glad you’re writing on the Tuesday Prude again! I can relate . . . I am the worst when it comes to leaving food in the fridge and forgetting to use it until it’s green with mold. Also, years ago, I would check out so many library books at a time (50+) that I couldn’t keep track of them. I got so many fines that I started considering my fines as donations to the library. That alleviated some of the guilty for “wasting” money!

  2. I, too, am also guilty of wasting avocados. Oh, they’ll be just right tomorrow, I say. Three days later, they’re only fit for the compost bin.

    I’m glad your blog post popped up in my email because it reminded me how woefully neglectful I am about blogging on my website. It’s like pulling chicken teeth to get myself motivated with posts and updates.

    Thanks for the timely reminder.

    • It is hard to motivate ourselves to blog! Go for it–unless you find some chicken teeth to pull.
      I actually find it hard to motivate myself to do much but read, and plan my next snack. I was going to post a photo of my 2 avocados on the kitchen window sill but they are no longer things of beauty. Didn’t want to start my re-blogging effort by making people ill 🙂

  3. Lots of stuff in our fridge that morph into works of art. There are probably avocado pancakes you can make. Syrup helps a lot of things. Hop on once a week and tell us what you’re readinf. Loved your new book, BTW.

    • I just remembered that my sister gave me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with avocado. In the vegan world, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find a recipe for avocado pancakes. But oh my, now I’m imagining maple syrup directly on a brown slice of avocado. Yikes.
      Thanks for the nice comment on the book! And yes, I think I’d like to share what I’m reading. Any recommendations?

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