Plant a Tree

Martin Luther is credited with saying that if he knew the world would end tomorrow, he’d plant a tree. If we knew the same, parents would still change diapers, zookeepers would feed the critters, children would still want to be pushed higher on the swings.

And we have to hope that the brutality of man’s inhumanity to man would stop.
We’d spend earth’s final twenty-four hours looking to God for hope in the next world.
We’d look at everything we’ve been given in this world with new eyes. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, right?
We’d love on our fellow humans like crazy—the ones who are good to us, the nasty ones, the marginalized ones, the ugly-spirited ones.
When it was almost too late, we’d be astounded that just one morning and midday and evening of unremitting love and grace could make such a difference.

Bloggers like me who committed to blogging every week would still post…something. Anything.
That’s what today’s Tuesday Prude post is. Something.

As far as I know, the world isn’t ending tomorrow.
For a lot of people it ended yesterday, on Independence Day.
And for some reason all the violence and killing and anger and despair that happened in the USA on the 4th of July hit me especially hard, and posting a light and frothy little nugget isn’t sitting right.

Lord willing there will be lots of joy-filled and spirit-lifting things in the virtual world today. There will be laugh-out-loud memes created.
Folks in real world adventures will laugh at their crazy pets and three year olds will discover the pestiferous delights of knock-knock jokes.

And somewhere, someone is holding another human close—squeezing anger and hatred and destruction right out of them and sowing the seeds of unconditional love.

Someone is planting a tree.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Plant a Tree

  1. Thank you, Anita. This is how we should all live, every day–as if it’s our last chance to spread the love. To wring the most out of each day. To appreciate each gift we’ve been given, especially the people in our lives.

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