Pre-Prude Post

For weeks now I have been twittering (which pre-dates tweeting by several centuries) about how to use my new site here at WordPress. In a previous, simpler blogging life (The Prude Disapproves) the language was simpler, the options fewer and I learned to manage my blog in a matter of days. That was 2010. The Stone Ages.

2013: The Millennium Falcon tripped into lightspeed and dumped me in an era whose language includes words and phrases comprehended by everyone except me.  My infant grandsons are even now adding crucial words like ‘domain’ and ‘widget’ and ‘akismet’ to the vocabulary bank in their brains––a bank that in previous years considered ‘mommy’ ‘daddy’ ‘more’ and ‘yukkies’ sufficient funds for early communication.


The blogging road beckons, and I must follow. Please, if you come with me, understand that I will be falling into potholes, stumbling over boulders and going flat from running over sharp objects on the shoulder. Lord willing, in the very near future, The Prude will be chugging into a Tuesday near you.

10 thoughts on “Pre-Prude Post

  1. Chug away, Prude, and I shall happily follow! I actually thought I was following… but didn’t receive an email notification for this post (saw it on FB), so I’ll try, try again. Cheers to The Tuesday Prude!!

  2. Thanks for trying to learn something new for us, your followers. I’m currently trying to learn texting on my phone so that’s how behind the times I am!

  3. She’s back! No, really? Yes, and she’s better than ever! Well, two grandsons will do that to ya. Yeah? Ya – BRING IT ON!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog through Lori Lipsky’s. (The name of your blog greatly appealed to me!) I’m so glad I did–you have a wonderful writing style. I look forward to reading more!

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