Grinch Green or Sugar Plum Fairy Pink?

About ten, maybe twelve years ago I went through a Christmas nostalgia phase that coincided with a flurry of merchandise designed to appeal to those of us who spent our childhood in the 1960s. With no thought of budgetary restrictions I bought piles of textiles whose predominant colors were bright red and Grinch green. By New Year’s Day that year I was ready to donate all those tablecloths, napkins, and tea towels to a local landfill.

Something about the combination of colors didn’t appeal to me after that first blush of loving association with a kinder, gentler era. I didn’t dump the unpleasant kitchen accoutrements but did frown at them often and only put them on display when no company was expected.

Not long ago my college roommate met me in downtown Chicago and we enjoyed high tea at a lovely hotel. They have pink-predominant trees in the lobby and tea room. See?

It is quite lovely and festive and tasteful. But I’m uncertain if I’m ready to associate pink with Christmas. However. I don’t fancy only the traditional Santa Suit reds and Christmas-tree greens all the time either.

Pastels aren’t my first love. Or second. Washed out colors seem depressing. Monochrome makes an impact but can eventually become …repetitive. Maybe I enjoy richer colors. Deep blues and reds and golds and greens.

The only constant is light. Lots of Christmas lights. White, golden-glow, colored. They light the long hours of darkness in the northern hemisphere. They remind us of the Light of the World. They make electric companies everywhere rub their hands in glee. Yes, lights are my requirement.

Anyone have any favorite Christmas color combos? Anything unusual, new, unexpected? What makes you happy? (And I’m curious if anyone loves browns and/or grays for their Christmas decorations?)

6 thoughts on “Grinch Green or Sugar Plum Fairy Pink?

  1. First of all, NO to browns and grays, especially at Christmas! I love vibrant color. I’m traditional at heart, so pull out the greens and reds. However, nowadays I prefer hunter green and cranberry red–more subtle but definitely not pastel.

  2. At this time of year I think we need all the light and color we can get. I’ve seen many beautiful Christmas displays in many combinations of colors, some traditional, some less so, all of them with their own special appeal. When I do my decorating, it ends up being a hodgepodge, and I’ll never win any awards from House Beautiful… but if it’s light and colorful and homey and cozy and gives me that warm holiday feeling I’m after, then I’m satisfied.

  3. I just need my ceramic tree with the light bulb inside it. It reminds me of my mother and my youth and replaces the big tree that is such a hassle to decorate and undecorate. Not a color, but simplicity is what I need for Christmas.

    • My grandpa had one of those—his lone decoration. After he was gone, my mom wanted a tree like his so I actually painted and fired one for her. Only successful craft project I’ve ever made. Now she is gone, but my brother lives in the house and it is HIS only Christmas decoration. Whoever created the original one had no idea how many people it would make happy. Blessed Christmas to you, Kathy.

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