Let All Things Now Living

It’s November and I love November and Thanksgiving songs and atmospheric late autumn photos.

Today is also election day and some of us might be stressing. “So why,” my efficient self asks my rather slothful self, “not post a Thanksgiving song that you love and a photo you like, and emphasize the absolute wonder and delight of creation along with a reminder that ultimately this stuff isn’t under our control?” And my slothful self replies, “Let’s do it! It means I don’t have to get creative and write something original!”

So here is a photo:

And the lyrics to a song:

Let all things now living a song of thanksgiving
To God our Creator triumphantly raise,
Who fashioned and made us, protected and stayed us,
By guiding us on to the end of our days.
God’s banners are o’er us, Pure light goes before us,
A pillar of fire shining forth in the night,
Til shadows have vanished, all fearfulness banished,
As forward we travel from light into light.

By law God enforces. The stars in their courses,
The sun in its orbit, obediently shine;
The hills and the mountains, the rivers and fountains,
The deeps of the ocean proclaim God divine,
We too should be voicing our love and rejoicing,
With glad adoration a song let us raise,
Till all things now living unite in thanksgiving
To God in the highest, hosanna and praise.

And a link to the song:

And a happy November 8/Election Day/Thanksgiving month to you.